Writer's Garret Attic Remodel

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Writer's Garret Attic Remodel

Attic Remodel in Irvington Historic District

We converted an old attic into a spacious writer's garret in an historic Irvington home. The new space involves a dormer addition that had to meet strict Irvington Historic District design guidelines and blend well with the existing home—a noteworthy and unusual 1914 building.

The new room was designed to be a elegant sanctuary in which to write and read. Warm gray wainscoting and honey-colored oak floors make for a serene palette. Skylights and generous windows ensure plenty of natural light. We designed a wall-to-wall desk from a beautiful piece of live-edge walnut, which provides ample room for writing, as well as for laying out research materials. At the other end of the room, a built-in bookshelf is recessed to maximize every inch of space.

“Michael transformed our attic storage space into a beautiful, light-filled room. It’s an elegant, seamless addition that looks and feels like it has always been part our 1914 house. He oversaw every detail from beginning to end with great care and consideration. We couldn’t be happier with our new office.”


A room of one's own

Pre-renovation, the attic was a dark storage room. But the owner saw the potential for her writer's garret, tucked far above noisy children's rooms and public spaces.




Golden glow

Brass sconces with gold-tipped bulbs add a warm glow reminiscent of library reading rooms.

General Contractor: ReCraft Home Remodeling

Photographer: Laurie Black