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Rose + Eric

Kitchen Renovation

Rose + Eric's 1930s urban farmhouse has to work extra hard, accommodating 3 homeschooled children. The renovation tweaked the layout of the kitchen + dining room, for seamless transitions between functions.

The layout of the new kitchen is essentially a refinement of the old. The floor plan is still a long galley, connected to the dining room at front and running through to the back of the house. The biggest challenge was the removal of a defunct chimney. A dirty job!

As with most kitchens, mere inches can make the world of difference: By shifting the French doors at the back, what had been a traffic bottleneck is now realigned for easy flow to the outside. This door placement also allowed for a built-in bench and a long table for casual dining and homeschool projects. By removing useless soffits we could extend cabinetry all the way to the ceiling, creating capacious storage. We also removed an awkward peninsula, replacing it with a tall pantry. Flanking the built-in bench, the pantry also works to screen off and demarcate the seating area from kitchen prep areas.

We also aimed to bring a fresh sensibility to the spaces, without sacrificing the design to generic modernism. Refined materials bring the kitchen into the present, while 1930s reproduction pulls and lighting honor the home's past. Warm cream walls are homey and elegant at the same time.

This project was a featured Kitchen of The Week at Houzz.

“Michael's vision from the grand plan to the finest details far exceeded our expectations. We love everything from the layout of the room to the tile he recommended. Michael is easy to talk to and highly skilled at communicating with contractors. There were a number of times we had more expensive ideas (tear down that wall) and he felt we didn't need to spend the extra money to get what we wanted. He was right! Without his expertise, we would have missed many opportunities to make our kitchen spectacular. ”


Richly textured cherry

The choice of wood for the cabinetry was inspired by a beautiful cherry cabinet in the owners' living room and the rich colors of their musical instrument collection in the living room. The bold wood grain enlivens the space, adding something a bit special for the owners to enjoy.


sustainable + durable

Made in the USA, IceStone countertops are comprised of 100% recycled glass and have Cradle to Cradle certification, which isn't easy to get. Highly durable, they are also great looking.


Blue Fog

Handmade tile in a gentle shade called Blue Fog allows the cabinets to take center stage. Vertical tile placement is a subtle counterbalance for a very long room.

Photographer: Matt Niebuhr