Erin + Lindsay

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Erin + Lindsay

Bed + Bath Renovation

Erin + Lindsay asked us to reconfigure the upstairs layout of their 1920s North Portland home, to incorporate a sumptuous master suite. Two small low-ceilinged bedrooms became a single master bedroom with a soaring vaulted ceiling. The master bath now contains a central space for the vanity, a “wet room” with shower and a Japanese soaking tub, and a private toilet room.



Blue Grotto

The inspiration for the blue-tiled wet room was drawn from the famous blue grotto of Capri. A soaking tub surrounded by moody blue ceramic tile feels like armchair—make that bathtub—travel at its best.



The original bedroom had low ceilings, as did the neighboring bedroom. By joining the two rooms, vaulting the ceiling, and adding three large windows, we were able to achieve a single spacious master bedroom with ample daylight.

General Contractor: ReCraft Home Remodeling

Photographer: Laurie Black